Today in History: May 8th

1991:  A strike by 1,400 steelworkers at Brunswick Mining and Smelting in Bathurst, New Brunswick, ends after costing the local economy $40 million in lost wages.

1970: Several hundred students in Vancouver, BC protest the invasion of Cambodia and the killing of Kent State University students, smashing windows at the US consulate and burning an American flag. That night, more protestors engage in a three-hour battle with police as they demand the release of their fellow demonstrators from jail.

Political Conventions – The Summer of Love and Anarchy—40 Years On

1871: Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald signs the Treaty of Washington as part of the British delegation. The U.S. gets fishing rights in Canadian inshore waters, as well as some navigation rights on Canadian rivers, including allowing Maine’s lumber industry to float logs down the Saint John River. Both countries have freedom of navigation on the Great Lakes.

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